AVERY musta tulostusrulla PL1/8 ja PL2/18 laitteisiin


Avery IRAV5 musterullapakkaus • soveltuu PL1/8 ja PL2/18 hinnoittelijoihin • 58*161mm • 5 rullaa/paketti • Takuuaika 0kk

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AVERY musta tulostusrulla PL1/8 ja PL2/18 laitteisiin

With Avery Price Guns and accessories you can individually price-mark, batch-code or date-stamp a wide range of products quickly and efficiently having them ready for the shop floor in minutes. These price gun ink roller refills are for use with both Avery single and double line price guns ensuring a crisp and clear print on your labels. Each roller should last for up to 20,000 impressions.

  • 58 x 161 mm, glue-free
  • Suitable for the handguns PL1/8 and PL2/18 from AVERY
  • For a pin-sharp print-image and clear readability of the price labels
  • Quick roll exchange thanks to the user-friendly design
  • 5 rolls/packet