SATA-uros – Molex Y-kaapeli 15.2cm


SATA-uros -> Molex Y-kaapeli naaras • pituus 15.2cm • tietokoneen virransyöttöön, esim kiintolevylle tai dvd-asemalle • takuuaika 12kk

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15 Pin to 2 x 4 Pin SATA Power Molex Power Y-Cable, Length: 15.2cm

1) This SATA 15 Pin to 4 Pin Cable changes from a SATA power connector to a standard 4 pin molex connector.

2) Very Hard to find SATA Power Cable that converts new style power supply output of 15-pins SATA to 4-Pin molex for connection to legacy optical drives. ( 5.25inch CD-ROM/DVD-RW etc. and 3.5 inch hard drives )

3) This SATA 15 Pin Y-Cable has one 15-Pin SATA female port ( input port ) and two 4-Pin Molex power ports, two on each side of the 5-inch cable.

4) Thin and flexible cabling allows easy routing.

5) Length of the cable: 15.2cm.Approx.

6) Color: As pictue shows.

7) Weight: 19g